We are simply sharing; our own reviews our fabulous friends amazing reviews, suggestions, new releases, book deals, & books we love!
All with a splash of champagne! (our drink of choice)
POP the bottle & open a new book-
FIZZ the bubbles pour as your mind submerges into the story-
CLINK we toast to celebrate a spectacular novel!

It POPs out, FIZZes beauty, CLINKs a reaction…
It started with a group of woman & our love for champagne & books…
As we read our books filled with smut, sipping our champagne, laughing, texting, chatting & conversing more we began a book club. As we soon found many more friends reading the same material we grew larger & wanted to share our thoughts opinions & honest reviews. You will not get a full book outline in our reviews, you will not read a cliffs notes version from us. Just our opinions and our thoughts…

Keeping it classy!