#PFCRreview Taking Turns in the Turning Series by JA Huss

What happens when the blogger cant resist a fabulous book trailer & teasers… She runs to buys the book-stays up all night & finds a new favorite author! But what rock was I living under for this book to be my first by JA Huss??? Clearly a pretty large one! I cant say enough about how astonished I was with this twisted story or all the perspectives & little tidbits! This is perfection of story telling! 







Taking Turns (Turning, #1)Taking Turns by J.A. Huss

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This story was so completely outstanding I’m practically breathless! I haven’t read a book like this EVER! The sexual pleasures that jump from page to page. The tension build up, the escaping of lust & passion will send chills over your entire body.

One sexually deprived successful and intelligent woman and three very wealthy distinguished business partners enter this arrangement. A very odd, different and unique type of bond. This kind of relationship is not for most, does it even exist lol, but for the four individuals involved giving each that kind of pleasurable euphoria along with the ever changing rules, personal drama, and just the simple dynamics of them all is blissful. It’s beyond sexual explorations in writing, this book is a orgasmic roller coaster with a bit of mind-fu&@ing add in one hell of a ménage à quad & put a cherry on top!

I was a little confused at first with all the characters, but very quickly was enraptured by each POV. Loving the details each main character shares. OH and the ending… I personally hate a rushed ending, give me more! This one book gave it! You have a FULL unbelievable captivating story that fills in every oozing juicy detail, but then you get a little more with another charters perspective THEN a epilogue (WAHOO) THEN the author herself adds in a little more!!! You will be just as excited with anticipation for the next book in this series but you will not be left unsatisfied in the slightest bit. -read by French Sparkle with Pop Fizz Clink Read

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