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The novel early readers called thrilling & unpredictable is LIVE!
Grab Reckless Touch by Veronica Larsen today!

“A gasping page turner full of intrigue” Pop Fizz Clink Read ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


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He crowds everything into corners just by stepping into a room.
Steely, cold, and focused, he’d do anything to keep me safe.
Except there is no safe and there is no us.
There’s only stolen moments and reckless touches, secrets and lies.
And the stranger who wants me dead.
Cast in shadows and biding his time, he pulls on the threads of my life hoping I’ll come undone.
Even surrounded by people I’m completely alone.
Though I’m afraid, I don’t want to feel safe.
I want to feel prepared.
Fear doesn’t have to be my weakness; it can be the fire in my veins.
Fear might just keep me alive tonight.

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About the Author:

Veronica Larsen’s romance novels are angst-driven and steamy. They tend to feature strong female leads who keep their male counterparts on their toes. Veronica enjoys building intense chemistry and anticipation while creating believable, down-to-earth romances. She’s an avid reader of all genres, coffee addict, and a Harry Potter fanatic.

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5 STAR Book Review by French Sparkle with Pop Fizz Clink Read
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Reckless TouchReckless Touch by Veronica Larsen

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A gasping page turner full of intrigue…

Need to be captured into a enigmatic story filled with intrigue, drama, passion, and terror enthralling your every sense? This is the one! Veronica Larsen blows this out! This book has everything, including her entrancing form of story telling to keep your mind wondering and completely fascinated!

She starts her hook with the Prologue… the thoughts of a psychopath. The initial shock sending shivers as you begin with a mortified feel into the story. Leaving you questioning & puzzled throughout.

Loosing your best friend & coworker to another job sets the stage for the independent, self reliant, loner of Amelia Woods. She’s accustomed to being alone, having grown up in foster care. This adds to her determination to constantly have the edge in her story as a newspaper reporter. She is obsessive in her work, as putting her own life on the line for the job.

As she unfolds the story of the century she is attacked, paralyzing her life, her thoughts, her stronger than normal persistent strength. Crumbling her erect walls.
As the force of meeting the detective on her case Sebastian Reed, the sexy, powerful, quiet, dark and mysterious, man crowds her presence. Luring an attraction that sizzles & sparks as the lustful sexual energy unfolds.

All the teasing & taunting leaves you breathless as the fear cascades page after page of suspenseful trepidation. The intensity of passion is unfathomable & wanting more! Amelia’s endurance for the story leaves you wanting to slap her, yell ‘wake up’ as she gambles to the extreme. You’re captured & completely on the edge of your seat throughout this phenomenal book. -read by French Sparkle with Pop Fizz Clink Read

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more teasers… Reckless Touch #BookTrailer

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