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The Sex Education of M.E.The Sex Education of M.E. by L.B. Dunbar

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I haven’t cried, laughed, yelled, and cried again with happy tears for a book in forever, but yet again we haven’t had a book written about a real, honest, not so perfect middle aged/ mid-life woman either. This book connected with me on so many deeper levels I don’t even know where to begin without baring my soul. This book is not just designed for the average middle aged reader, this is written so wonderfully well and full of an unbelievable heartfelt triumphant story of new beginnings. But truly for all ages, the young, the old & all in between. Completely full of hysteria laughter over friendships, relationship drama, sex, and men; one liners to pages that have you roll over laughing moments you could pee-your pants, tears running down your cheeks, utterly laughing in hysterics. To the pulling of every heart string in your soul, as you encase yourself into the lead characters world. This book you’ll want to read over & over again to reconnect with the inspiration. The distinctive story of how we all can start over, learn & experience more from life. This alluring story will captivate your heart & inspire new beginnings! -read by French Sparkle with Pop Fizz Clink Read

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“LB Dunbar has given us a story that will make you love yourself and reach for what you deserve in life. No matter what stage of life you are in I think we can all relate to the emotions! Emme and Merek will set your world ablaze!”
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I’m forty, flabby, and frustrated. Don’t get me wrong, I have a good home, a decent job, and great children. I had a loving marriage for twenty years where we had our ups and downs. It wasn’t perfect; but it wasn’t awful. Then he died.

After the grief took its course, and the reality of my life set in, I grew frustrated. It wasn’t the bills or the struggle to keep my interest in my work. It was life without a man – the only man I’d been with for twenty years. And before you go all feminist on me, it isn’t that I can’t be an independent woman, but there are certain areas where a man is necessary.

You need a f*ck buddy, my friend said.
I didn’t even know what that meant.
Is it friends with benefits?, I asked.
Better, you don’t even have to be friends, she offered.

Boy, did I need an education in the modern workings of dating, and sex.


A coming-of-an-older age novel.
Something new from L.B. Dunbar — a stand alone story!


Author Bio:

I’d love to say I’ve written for 10,000 hours, and that makes me a pro. But I can’t say that. What I can say is I had a story in my head that wouldn’t go away. I thought typing it in my computer would be the end of things, but it only led to another story and another. I love reading, so characters in my head isn’t something new. What is new is my creation of them. Hope you enjoy my favorites as much as I do. Happy reading!

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